Why SquareShare?

Get step-by-step support to make graduation unforgettable.

Work with SquareShare to design your prints to suit your engagement needs – and get technical and branding support throughout the process. We’ll help you breathe life into your graduation day.

We’ve been doing this since 2015 and have partnered with some of the UK’s biggest universities. With SquareShare on call, you’ll be able to choose the right hashtag and print design to get your grads feeling proud to be alumni.

Get your grads snapping and tagging.

Any pictures uploaded to Instagram or Twitter using your event hashtag will be printed live for your grads to collect. With just 30 seconds from uploading to printing, grads are incentivised to use your hashtag, driving up your social media engagement before, during and after your event.

The SquareShare team will be present on the day to run the technical aspects, leaving the alumni team to focus on connecting with your grads. We’re on hand to support your community building goals.

Unlimited prints – unlimited reach.

Your grads can walk away with free unlimited prints of their special day. Students will leave with a greater affinity to your institution, with a unique memento they’ll cherish forever. Meanwhile, your social media engagement will increase on the day and provide an easy point of connection once the event is over.

SquareShare will also hold a debrief call, providing a social analytics and printing report, to understand how the event went and to ensure future success.

Ready to bring SquareShare to your graduation?

Make an impression that lasts forever.