Print Instagram and Twitter photos live at your event

Unlimited prints for your guests, online exposure for your brand

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Guests take a photo from anywhere at your event.



They upload their photos to Instagram or Twitter including your event hashtag in the caption.



Their photo is printed live at your event after just 30 seconds!

Incentivise social media posts with branded free prints

You’ve chosen an amazing hashtag for your event, but how do get people to use it? Give them a reason to post by using SquareShare.

When we attend your event, every time someone posts a picture to Instagram and Twitter using your hashtag it gets printed – live. Just 30 seconds from upload to print. Your guests will love it. Prints are unlimited and free for your guests to take away as a unique souvenir.

See huge growth in your social media impact

Once your guests start using SquareShare they won’t be able to stop. You’ll see huge growth in your social impact. More impressions, greater reach, more meaningful interactions.



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SquareShare is all about People, Places and Photos.

Unlimited Printing

Delight your guests with unlimited prints. They can make as many photos as they like.

Our team will help you get the most out of your event

We send at least one team member with the printer to all our events. In addition to helping your guests use SquareShare, they’ll be there to set up, pack down and make sure the technology runs smoothly.

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