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We print social media photos
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Free branded prints for your grads to take home on the day.

Graduation, upgraded for the digital age.

SquareShare easily integrates into flow of your graduates day and is simple, intuitive and fun.

1. Take a picture

Your graduates take a picture on their smartphone.

2. Upload to social media

They upload it to Instagram or Twitter using a hashtag chosen by your institution.

3. Collect free instant print

Our technology downloads their image and prints it out. It's completely automated and ready to collect in just 30 seconds.

Make the most of connecting in person

Gen-Z grads expect more than a branded pen or tote bag. An instant print of their favourite graduation selfie is the perfect send off. Affirm their new identity as alumni and raise awareness of what your alumni association can offer.

Supercharge your social media strategy

Because grads must post on Instagram or Twitter to get their free print, you'll increase your social reach with positive, student-made content and can connect with them online afterwards.

Lean on our expertise

We've been supporting teams like yours to make graduation special since 2015. From helping plan your SquareShare strategy, to being there in-person on the day to help you execute, we'll be with you every step of the way.

"I always knew it was gonna be a popular thing, but I probably I didn't realise how popular. Graduates have great feelings towards the fact that it's a free gift from the university. It's certainly an excellent engagement tool and a great start to their life as an alumni."
Eddie Findlay
Alumni Relations Officer, University of St. Andrews
"Giving the free pictures away, it puts the university in a good light - it makes you feel valued. The best way to remember the day is through photos. It's moment in time, you've got it there, you've got it captured forever."
Troy-Francis & Family
University of Liverpool Graduate

Watch how we make graduation fun, engaging and memorable

Innovative - Fun - Personalised

Nurture your alumni right from the start of their journey.

Affinity and belonging

Collecting their free, personalised memento will allow a sense of affinity and belonging within your alumni community to fully take root.

Asset 4

Generosity and giving

Graduation can be an expensive day, so your generosity will stand out and foster a spirit of giving you can call on through the years.

Asset 6

SquareShare team on-site

We know you'll want to give your full attention to connecting with your grads on the day - not on troubleshooting a printer.

That's why our team is on-site at all times during graduation to make sure everyone gets their print without a hitch.

Asset 7

Bespoke print design

We customise your print, so you can set the agenda.

Whether you highlight an existing campaign or kickstart a new one, SquareShare can help you achieve your alumni engagement goals.


Quantified ROI

We'll provide a detailed PDF analytics report, so that you can share the success of our work together within your institution.

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Debrief call

After graduation, we'll meet with you and your team, so we can learn together, grow and improve the graduation experience year after year.

We work with some of the UK's leading universities

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Here's why your grads will love SquareShare...

Re-prints for all

We can re-print* all hashtagged images so that mum, dad, gran and Jim the dog can all get a copy.

*fair use policy applies

Wow factor

Printing with SquareShare is quick and easy - it takes just 30 seconds from pressing upload to holding a print in your hand.


Taking and sharing selfies is at the heart of the Gen-Z experience. Meet them on home ground and help them make the most of the photos they'll already be taking.

Mark the moment

Evoke the nostalgia and joy of the Kodak moment in the digital age, where physical copies of photos are increasingly rare.

Photo wall

Let the story of graduation unfold on a physical photo wall at the event. Our stall is a hive of activity where guests love hanging out and starting conversations.

Stay top-of-mind

Retain brand visibility in hard-to-reach places for years to come. Desks, walls and even the fridge door will serve as a reminder as your grads head out into the world.

...and here's what they said about it

"I'll keep the free prints for a long time - it's a lifetime memory."

University of Liverpool Graduate

"I like having physical memories as well as digital ones. Having something physical makes it feel more real."

University of Cumbria Graduate

"I wouldn't know where to get a photo printed, so to have it available at graduation is very nice."

University of St. Andrews Graduate

"My picture is gonna go where I can have a look at it every morning when I'm gearing myself up to go out and face the world."

University of Cumbria Graduate

Watch why your graduates will love using SquareShare

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